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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 3, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> the plane called the most advanced solar-powered aircraft in the world is getting ready to take off from the south bay for a new trip outside california. >> the warriors win a nailbiter in oracle arena and now the team and fans are ready to take on san antonio. >> the warriors are hot. so is the weather. >> thanks for joining us on this friday. >> the winds have died down. we will find out about the forecast from mike the. >> trick news and the weather are a nonfactor in our forecast. when they become a factor it is because they are bringing in cooler weather for the weekend. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd and it is still dry, the air and ground are dry but we don't have the wind so the fire danger has lessened. color sunrise and i will show it in a second. 79 is our temperature at noon and mid-80's, and a few reports like oakland and mountain view is possible. and mild during the evening hours and maybe a light jacket
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dropping into the mid-to-upper 60, inland, hazy and 56 and 84 at noon, and almost hot at 90 degrees a threshhold for hot and 89 at 4:00 and back to 80 as you head into the evening hours. it will be a little bit of warmth. temperatures at the coast are 60's and 70's. >> couple clashes that we tracking and the first is in the east bay traveling from milpitas you could see this, northbound along 680 a car that went up an embankment and there are injuries involved and in word if there are lanes being blocked. in marin county beyond 101 another accident, an injury accident, and 101 in both directions is traveling well and over to the coast highway one there is one way traffic control until 7:00 a.m. kristen and eric? >> happening right now
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firefighters in southern california are trying to control a massive wildfire that is growing and burning to the west of ventura county. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo is in the newsroom monitoring the firefight and just got a new update on the numbers the past few minutes. it is not good. >> the numbers are going up. a new tweet from officials say the spring fire has burned 10,000 acres up from 8,000 acres overnight with pictures as the sun comes up, you can see how smoky it is. the fire is only 10 percent contained and a captain says that number is likely to shrink as the fire grows. it was 10 percent inwith the fire was at 8,000 agers. the pack -- pacific coast highway is burned and 15 homes damaged but not destroyed. 2,000 homes are threatened and 100 commercial properties with evacuation orders in affect.
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>> want to save the valuables but everyone else is no big deal as log as our family and dogs are safe we can get through this. >> we want to head northbound to a fire the same size the panther highway is burning near butte meadows with 10,000 acres charred and only 10 percent contains. but no homes or structures are threatened but it is dry and windy and the terrain is steep and rugged. crews have their hands full. several places in california right now that is true. two bay area fire agencies are pitching in, san ramon and san mateo sent aid to southern california and san mateo will send more resources, as well. >> another look at the wildfire if ventura county. >> more than 10,000 acres have
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burned and thousands of homes are threatened. stay with only news and we go back to katy for an update at 6:30. >> developing news, danville police are searching for a missing teen who is at risk, she was last seen by her family at 6:00 when she left home in danville 45 to 50 people searching if her overnight. they suspended the search appear hour and a half ago. she is 5' 5 itch and 130 pounds with ground eyes and last seen wearing black skinny jeans, and a black t-shirt and possibly a black hoodie. if you have information call police. >> the chop is investigating a fatal accident that closed westbound 24 in lafayette this morning. it maked at the central lafayette exit at 1:30. it may have involved a wrong-way driver. officers are looking if alcohol was a factor. the freeway is open with no delays. >> a plane thatfullies on
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nothing but the power of the sun has a slow but exciting cross-country flight. sue thompson is at the field. it is about to take off? >> we are close. we could be minutes or seconds away from take off. this is the world's very first solar-powered plane. it is ready to take to the air any minute. they have been conducting the pre-flight check, the solar impulse, it will travel across the country leashing here any second and traveling to phoenix. it is a history-making delay with a the love excitement. it has the wing span of a 747 but it is as light as any sedan you could find on the friend and no fuel is needed. it is powered by 12,000 solar cells charging up by day to fly day and night and the solar cells are located on the wings.
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it did a test flight last month, a two-hour flight that went well so the big event is basically a lot of work, some seven to 12 years scientists have worked on this, launching a two-month cross country flight with one pilot on board, and the plane will fly 30 to 40 miles per hour in the air and is a culmination of seven years work by 80 people, with a lot of innovative technology happening here. we will bring it this morning when the take off happens. they doing that preflight check. there is one pilot on board. it is not a comfortable seat. it is uncomfortable. there is no heat. it should be very interesting for the pilot. we will bring this in a matter of members. >> no heat. they will fly 21,000' so it could be chilly.
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>> new this morning the labor department released the april jobs report the last 35 minutes and the unemployment rate dropped to 7.5 percent from 7.6 percent in march, 165,000 jobs were created higher than economists predicted. we have a report from the new york stock exchange to see how the new number affect the markets. >> thousands of employees for kaiser permanente will remain in the union voting 58 to 40 percent to say with the union rather than joining a smaller national union of health care workers, the second time in three years. 45,000 voted in the election making it the largest union election since the 1940's. >> a third grade teacher in the east bay is expected to be arraigned on child molestation charges.
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the 47-year-old teams at an amendmently in union city and is charged with 40 counsels of molestation including lewd acts with a child and a staff member tipped off police he was engaging in what she called clearly inappropriate behavior with a female student. police are trying to determine if there are more potential victims. >> the bay area could win the bid to host the super bowl in 2015 by default depending on the act taken in florida legislature today. nfl owners decide may 21 if the bay area or south florida hopes super bowl 50. the nfl told miami they need to renovate the dolphins ageing stadium. florida lawmakers could not agree on a land and a tote is expected today. >> six years ago it was "we believe" and now "we belong." the warriors advancing to the semis after finishing off the nuggets last night.
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>> they wanted to make it dramatic so the war yours had an 18-point lead early, and the nuggets made a late 4th quarter run and the warriors had ten turnovers to let the nuggets come within two but warriors held on for the victory. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield will have a report with player and fan reaction. >> exciting stuff. >> how fast does the solar impulse fly? >> 43 miles per hour which is why it will take 17 hours to make it from here to phoenix. >> we can drive faster than that. we are streaming live on our website so you can catch the take off on our website if you have to step away. >> 21,000', also, right? it is freezing up there.
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>> no heat. wow, no heat. good luck with that. >> 52 at ocean beach is the cool spot with portrero hill and upper market at 63, the warm spot at san francisco and at the ferry building or downtown we have 58 degrees and across the golden gate bridge it is 54 and presidio to richmond. cool spot is petaluma at 41 and 43 at half moon bay and 62 in belmont and 52 at santa clear and 59 in walnut creek. from mount diabolo the beautiful warm colors and big story is 24 hour temperature change one to 12 degrees cooler and a record high is possible in oakland today of 82. headed through the weekend we will see that 10 to 20 degree drop with a chance of a shower as we head to monday. >> we have an energy accident -- an injury accident in novato
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away from 101 where we have it, it is off to the shoulder so no lanes are blocked and traffic is moving absolutely through novato but away from vallejo in the westbound direction you down to 35 miles per hour so stop-and-go traffic. in the east bay, antioch is 22 miles per hour and into pittsburg, and over the a pat, 580, 36 miles per hour and it ease up a little bit but slowly through livermore. >> changes for the only commuters on the peninsula. >> you do not think of a truck when it comes to bear traps, a man who made a wild discovery if his driveway. >> the polls show democrats want hillary clinton to run for president in 2016 but what happens if she decides against the race in the new numbers just
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covering daly city, dublin, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> you are watching the flight of the solar impulse, a solar
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powered aircraft is taking off and headed for phoenix. it is entirely high-tech solar power, and lowe tech inside when you consider the highlight has no heat. he will fly at 21,000 feet and get at phoenix at 1:00 o'clock a.m. so you have to love aviation to fly this. >> lot of fans could get a big chan to see it today because it is traveling so slowly. it is not like you would miss it. >> at 21,000, you will not see them too well but that wing span is just shy of a 747's wing span so it takes up some space. >> if you are in the south bay, look up. >> shifting gears, a just released report from the centers for disease control shows suicide rates in the united states are going up. the centers for disease control says from 1999 to 2010 the rate among american adults jumped by 30 percent, more than 38,000. a possible reason is the economic downturn over the past
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decade. another note, researchers also found men are far more likely than women to take their own lives. >> also new, a just released poll is revealing the frontrunner for the democratic presidential nomination in 2016 if hillary clinton decides not to run. university survey shows 65 percent of democrats would back her if she enters but if not, vice president biden jumps to front of the pack, 45 percent democrats will back him and new york governor cuomo would get 15 percent of the vote and massachusetts governor patrick clocks in with 6 percent. >> bus riders in san mateo will notice many changes aimed at improving the ride. the directors have approve add major service overhaul with no timeline set but they are adding more buses on popular routes and reducing the number of buses or completely eliminated unpopular unused routes. the transit agency sperms with new vehicle types and improve
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hubs in daly city, san mateo, and east palo alto. >> we showed you the take off of the solar impulse and if they flight 21,000 feet, what will the temperature be? >> zero. >> with no heat if. >> would you do it? >> would i do it? i would, but why me if it would do it for 17 hours. >> you are always cold. >> not this week, though, that speaks to how warm it has been. >> look outside to show you what is going on, 17 hours, so exciting. >> for the first hour. >> still watch it, we have it extreming on >> good to know, 6:17, while you doing that i will tell you the forecast in the next two minutes and leyla gulen gets you out the door with traffic notes. beautiful sunrise, just over mount diabolo from mount sutro to the west, sometimes it is
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great to work this time in the morning and i will talk about the forecast. i am not going to get in the picture, i will stay outside and we will talk about temperatures today that are going to run in the upper 80's to low 90's in the south bay and we will have near record heat in some areas, 91 in morgan hill and gilroy and los gatos the warm spot, and mountain view is 89, a pick city for a record high today. we will drop gradually 87 in redwood city and more dramatically at 8224 san -- 82 n san mateo and downtown san francisco is low-to-mid 70's today and that will extend over sausalito and the north bay benches, and some comfort there, mid-to-upper 80's through the north bay valley and on the east bay shore, 82 in oakland, and that is a record high with the record at 81, so, very cool record high, attainable, and we will watch you, too, low-to-mid 80's in most of the east bay sure but you saw fremont, and hercules, all around 87 or 88.
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89 in san ramon but otherwise 90 to knight, at&t park, big series, even if it is may. the dodgers, 66 degrees at 7:15 first pitch and dropping to star-filled 61 degrees by the end of the game. lows in the 50's and mainly again, maybe a few 40's in the north bay valley. let me show you what is ahead, normally our weather moves from west to east but the slow is moving from east to west and with thats counterclockwise flow that bangs up against the coast and we could see a shower or two. look at that, if the coast drops 20 degrees by monday so enjoy the warmth. have a great day. >> the only thing going slower than the solar powered plane is the traffic at at the bay bridge
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toll plaza to treasure island and to san francisco. it will not take you 17 hours so that is good. the maze is not affected westbound 80 from berkeley toward 580, the eastbound traffic is moving well as you come from berkeley. we have this situation in los gatos along southbound 17 we have a report of a stalled truck carrying a boat and that boat is blocking one of the lanes so you could see slow traffic there as you head into the santa cruz mountains. >> it 6:20. while fires are keeping firefighters very busy in southern california but there are flames cross closer to home. >> the fires keeping crews on high alert and the conditions expected this weekend. >> look at that. see what happens when a fan attempts to catch a foul ball attempts to catch a foul ball hold [ male announcer ] this one goes out to all the allergy muddlers. you know who you are.
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>> we have a live picture from ventura county in southern california, the thick, thick smoke as firefighters are playletsing a wildfire that grew by thousands of acres overnight and now at 10,000 acres corned from the mountains to the ocean and thousands of people are evacuated. the spring fire burning if ventura and we have smoke air
6:24 am
quality issues from northern california wildfires but imagine how it is there. >> this morning, more proof why you should always roll up your windows and lock your doors in the sierra. check out this cell phone video, a bear cub got stuck in the front seat of a truck yesterday evening. a police officer napped the the -- snapped the photos, probably looking for food and got inside the truck but could not figure out how to leave. >> he had both hands on the steering wheel, and honking the horn and it was amusing for a while. >> bear got out and ran off in the woods after an officer carefully opened the door but that is what is left of the inside. he said he is not mad the bear tore up his truck and he thinks the experience was pretty amusing. >> we will see if the insurance company agrees. >> reese witherspoon drunken
6:25 am
antics were caught on the dashcam paragraph the police officer. tmz obtained the video. >> ma'am, what did i tell you it do? >> he is under arrest. >> i am a united states citizen i can stand on men grounds. i can ask any question i want. >> yes, ma'am. >> are you kidding me? >> the indidn't happened in atlanta last month and she pleaded no contest to obstruction and her husband leaded guilty to d.w.i. and on "good morning america" yesterday she said she panicked and said crazy things she doesn't remember and apologized for her behavior. >> and pulled out the american citizen card, too. >> a father attending a houston astro game has an amazing story to tell his son when he is older, after a pitch was fouled, and the fan holding a baby if his left arm snagged the ball with his baby cap adding to the degree of difficulty, this
6:26 am
happened in the 13th inning as the game dragged toward the 5th hour so he was still alert and paying attention even if the other fans wondered when the game would end. >> that is how i would have done it. >> happening now, a massive wildfire burning in southern california jumped dramatically overnight and ahead at 6:30 the new numbers from cal fire and how the bay area is listening and lending a hand. >> the warriors did it. they are advancing. but it was a nailbiter. >> the forecast, near record high temperatures today and 20-degree drop this week. >> the traffic center shows metering lights with the east bay drive time traffic coming up when abc
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is 6:29 on a hot friday morning and you can see southern california the fire keeps
6:30 am
growing near ventura county with 10,000 acres and thousands of homes threatened. >> hot and dry for us, as well. but the winds have died down. >> we will check with mike for the forecast. >> we are more fortunate than the folks to the south. we don't have the winds or the high fire danger. we still have the dry ground and the dry vegetation. and a dry live doppler 7 hd this morning. we will talk about the day planner. 58 and a color sunrise because of smoke in the air and near 80 at noon and mid-80's so a few record high temperatures are possible around the bay and nice in the evening as you hang out in the upper 60's and inland, we are hazy and in the mid-80's by noon and near 90 so it is almost hot again in our inland valley. it will be warm in the evening hour and upper 70's. the coast is another warm sunny day with hazy 45 through 7:00 and 63 at noon and 70 at 4:00 and dropping to 60 by 7:00.
6:31 am
this is the last sunny and mild day at the coast and i will show you the cool trend in a minute. >> you are driving at posted speed on the san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city with no delays. you need the sunglasses eastbound direction from foster city to hayward. if novato, we have one lane blocked because of the injury accident eastbound highway 37 beyond 101 if the cheering stages and in milpitas this crash, northbound 680, that was involving a couple of injuries, as well, and the folks have been taken to an area hospital but no lanes are blocked. >> happening now, firefighters in ventura county are battling a wildfire that grew by thousands of acres and burning threatening thousands homes. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo has the numbers. >> fire is up to 10,000 acres.
6:32 am
it was 8,000 until 30 minutes ago. now that the sun is up you can see how much smoke there is. very dramatic overnight flames. containment is 10 percent but a captain says the estimate will likely drop as the fire continues to grow. the flames are threatening 20,000 homes and 100 commercial buildings and 15 homes have been damageed, nothing destroyed and no one hurt. several neighbors are under evacuation orders and evacuations for cal state channel island have been lifted but there is a smoke advisory in affect near the college because of agricultural buildings. this is a tough firefight for crews. it is very windy. we are taking a different look from another van take point, windy, not too much hot and dry with more than 900 fires personnel and lots of equipment on the ground and in the air and
6:33 am
two bay area fire agencies are picking up, san mateo county and san ramon valley have sent resources south. if you plan to head south pacific coast highway is closed as of 9:00 last night. >> thank you. in the east bay crews attacked a couple of small grass fires. we were over ahead yesterday when the flames flared up along highway 13 in oakland snarling rush hour traffic and we were overhead of another fire in castro valley along interstate 580 with two lanes of traffic blocked off as crews battle the flames and both fours were quickly extinguished and forecasts of hot temperatures, high wins and bone dry conditions have prompted fire teams to patrol all east bay regional parks. >> now the warriors and their late night win against the nuggets, abc7 news joins us live from emeryville with player and fan reaction to the nail biting game, which raised up some blood
6:34 am
pressures across the bay area. >> it sure did, eric, you want to know how the fans felt last night? i will let you listen for yourself. >> their warriors are advancing but it wasn't pretty. steph curry had a rough first half. when he caught fire in the second the warovers were up 18 points and almost lost that need and fought hard and cut the lead down to two and the what -- warriors only ended by four but they enwould the. >> warriors doing so well and i am excited to see them make it big. hope they do well in the next series. >> now it is on to san antonio where they will take on the spurs, game three and four are played here, those tickets will go on sale next week presale tickets on sale at monday at 10:00 and john public on tuesday at 10.
6:35 am
the denver nuggets have been sent home and the warriors are advancing their first time to advance in the second round of the playoffs since 2007, six years coming. hope everyone enjoys it, it will be a fun ride. there was a special guest at the warriors 12-year-old aaron hern he and his fame returned home to martinez this week from boston after aaron hern was hurt in the boston marathon bombings. >> ca almost tran may have known there would be problems with the bolts on the bay bridge. san francisco chronicle reports engineers were worried in 2001 the steel bolts could crack. more than 30 did that when they were installed. the bolts were part of the original bridge design in my knife but caltran banned them in 2004. >> twist in the search if the killer of an 8-year-old girl.
6:36 am
a neighbor who claimed to have seen a man running from the home of leila fowler recanted her statement. the 12-year-old brother gave a similar description after finding legally fowler -- legally fowler stabbed to death. more than 300 tips have come in and the f.b.i. joins the case. >> the woman accused of placing poison bottles of orange juice at a local starbucks is out jail. ramineh behbehanian returned to san jose home yesterday an hour after being released from jail and was arrested on monday after witnesses told police they saw her take two bottles of orange juice from her bag and put them in the refrigerated display at a starbucks store. the d.a. is still awaiting laboratory results. the prosecution had until yesterday to formally damage her. the d.a.'s can still file charges at a later date. >> new this morning, history in the making, the cross country
6:37 am
flight take off from the bay area and what makes it so special. >> coming up first, saving berkeley's post office, what is happening this morning to stop the sale of the historic building. >> traffic is moving right along on the san mateo bridge with traffic and weather together next as the morning news
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>> check out this hazy picture from mount tamalpais this
6:40 am
morning and our air quality is going to be high as far as trees go and grass for pollen and we usually watch air zone but we have to watch the particulate matter which is moderate. to the north temperatures are from 11 to 18 degrees warmer-than-average although we are cooler. mid-90's through the central valley and then in palm springs and sierra has scattered thunderstorms possible on saturday and better chance on sunday. >>the drive through berkeley could be slower because of a report of concrete that buckled off the freeway. we have a couple of cars to the side and a little bit to the north at university avenue. the cars ran into the concrete and they pulled over and c.h.p. ran a traffic break but they now are letting track through but it is causing a backup and slow
6:41 am
going as you make your drive in the westbound direction to the maze and a quick check of the drive time traffic if you come away from antioch to concord you are half an hour and 580 is looking slow from tracy and to dublin. >> state lawmakers and city officials gathering this morning to sign a joint letter calming -- calling for a halt of the post office which is 99 years old. opponents say it should be preserved because of the historical significance and they are calling for a moratorium on all historic post office buildings part of the effort to reduce costs and generate revenue. >> ahead we will update you on the top story. massive wildfires burning in southern california. >> trading is underway on wall street and investors like the new jobs report up 158 points, a
6:42 am
new record. we will check with jane king in a few minutes. >> we brought it to you live last half hour a picture perfect take off for the all solar sun plane
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6:45 am
>> covering benicia, san ramon, san mateo, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> about 6:45. a plane that flies on nothing but the power of the sun is on the way to phoenix as part of a historic cross-country flight. the solar impulse took off half an hour ago and we brought it to you live with a wing span of a 747 but weighs only as much as a small car and flies around 40 miles per hour and is expected to reach phoenix by this evening at 1:00 o'clock a.m. with the four motors powered by 12,000 solar cells. in the wings that recharge the 880 pounds of batteries on board. >> in southern california firefighters in ventura county continue to battle the springs fire with flames have scorched 10,000 acres up from 8,000 overnight and containment is still 10 percent and 15 homes have been damaged and no one has
6:46 am
been hurt. the flames continue to threaten 2,000 homes and 100 commercial buildings, and several neighborhoods are under ever advantage orders with how firefighters fighting the blaze. resources are being spent by two bay area fire agencies san mateo county and san ramon valley. the biggest fire burning right new in california as we mentioned, it is now 10,000 acres and ten percent contained. another massive fire is growing to the north eat of reading called the panther fire which is 10,000 acres this size and ten percent contained. crews gaining ground on the summit fire near banning, which is 3,000 acres and 65 percent contained. >> stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the california wildfires and we will have updates throughout the
6:47 am
morning news and online at you can get up-to-the-minute updates by following us on "ironman3"couldgivenewstrengt htothe-- and "ironman 3" is looking good. >> new record high for stocks with better than expected job creation, and the unemployment rate dropped to four year low at 7.7 percent in april and nonfarm payroll expanded by 165,000 workers and march was better in terms of quaterback creates and what we originally thought. the fear was the physical budget cuts would hurt the economy but that is not the case so far. youth unemployment is still much higher with estimated up to 16
6:48 am
percent for those 18 do 29. new record highs for the stocks, the s&p and the dow, and the dow not far from 15000 and the silicon valley index, higher, as well. and a local company in mountain view is less-than-expected and "ironman 3" is a sequel that could take in $116 million this weekend in the united states so that makes it the biggest movie debut since last year at this time, when the "ironman" upped the summer debut on a good note. >> it has been hot and dry. the wins have died down in southern california and what is the situation there? >> probably a last day of windy
6:49 am
conditions and the marine layer runs and it will drop and we will head inland through the weekend and the pictures from down there you can see the smoke and wins are 94 today in downtown los angeles, and near 90 in the suburbs and near 97 headed to palm springs to very dangerous conditions and you can see the wins around 30 or 35 miles per hour. what happened with this system as the fires are creating its own weather, creating its own windy conditions. it will take that marine layer to choke that and stop it and you can see flareup and how fast this fire is moving. at home, live doppler 7 hd is dry and we will talk temperatures in the south bay from loss gatos at 60's and
6:50 am
cupertino at 54 and alameda is a warm spot at 60, and 46 at half moon bay and bodega bay is 50, and lafayette is 56 and san ramon is 51, and today we will have a lot of sunshine and near record high temperatures again. sharply cooler this week, and, still, watching the possibility of a sure or two early next week. there will be drizzle at the coast. what the most likely area to see something measurable on a wide-spread scale the we have 86 in milpitas to 92 in los gatos in the south bay and 78 in millbrae to the record 89 in mountain view. low-to-mid 70's along the coast and in downtown and south san francisco and toward sausalito and up to your beaches, mid-to-upper 80's headed to thing to bay wine country this afternoon and 82 in oakland and possible record high and from 80 in berkeley to will 7 in hercules and 88 in fremont and 89 in san ramon and low 90's
6:51 am
elsewhere but pleasanton is 89. at the game it audit to be delightful at the park and dodgers are in town taking on the giants dropping to 61 by end of the game. the area of low pressure moving from east to west and with the flow around it, increasing clouds tomorrow and then you can see the chance of showers and drizzle along the coast sunday into monday. how far will we drop? >> about 20 degrees sunday into monday and cooler-than-average temperatures on wednesday and more sunshine and warm on thursday so it will be a cool spell after being so hot. >> leyla gulen? >> headed to san jose along northbound 87 we have a few more cars in the northbound direction moving to h.p. pal -- pavilion and everything is moving well but to the south of there along
6:52 am
85 in the northbound direction beyond 87, at the express awe have report of a crash involving a car that hit a caltran vehicle so possibly one lane is being blocked and right now look at this red that is where we are seeing heavy traffic as you make the drive in the northbound direction and to novato, and eastbound 37, beyond 101, still blocking one lane and one purpose has been transported to a hospital. >> ahead, five things to know before you go. we
6:53 am
>> as we hand thing off to america mechanic leader are five things to know before you go, the spring fire in ventura county is up to 10,000 acres and you are looking at pictures of the flames and the thick smoke with 15 homes damaged and 2,000 more are threatened and crews
6:54 am
are among the 900 crews battling the flame if hot and windy conditions but it is only ten percent contained. >> police danville are searching for a missing at risk teen, 15 -year-old was last seen by her family around 6:00 last night when she left home and a search for her was suspended a couple hours ago. the bay area could get the have been 50 by default because miami needs to renovate the dolphins' stadium. florida lawmakers will vote today again, with the nfl owners deciding may 21. >> you can get fans on the team are excited and relieved after last night's gut wrenching victory to close out the nugget nuggets, with warriors hanging on and next stop is san antonio against the spurs on monday. >> right now a historic flight is underway, the solar impulse
6:55 am
took off 45 minutes ago on a flight across america. the plane flies on nothing but the power of the sun and will reach phoenix by tonight at 1:00 o'clock a.m. >> the final weather forecast. still hazy? >> very hazy. we will keep an eye on that. it is boarder line moderate to possibly cautiousary air quality it just looks worse than it is because of the haziness from mount tamalpais. >> the day still has hotspots inland, 83 in 9 north bay to 92 in the east bay valley and around the bay we will have records like that, 82 at oakland and possibly 89 at mountain view. at the coast, 70 to 74. headed through the weekend, look at this, still warm tomorrow away from the coast but we are back in the 50's at the coast by
6:56 am
tomorrow and 50's and 60's and maybe 70 by monday with a light shower possible. >> if san jose along 280 northbound, traffic is moving sluggishly at this hour as you come away from 17 and on the maps i will show you the drive time traffic where we have highway 101 to 280, we have a wreck involving a caltran truck and petaluma to novato is 19 minutes and 880 along the nimitz from highway 238 from fremont is 17-minute drive. >> thank you for bringing us the news and we continue in 20 minutes. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc.
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good morning, america. breaking now, that massive fire north of l.a. reaches the pacific ocean right up to those lifeguard shacks right there. 2,000 homes threatened by the firestorm fueled by dry, hot winds. million-dollar mansions going up in smoke. breaking new details on the boston bombers' true target. their plans to attack on the fourth of july. urgent new questions now for the widow of the older suspect and the phone call she made after the chase with her husband. police video leaked overnight of reese witherspoon's run-in with the law. >> i have to obey your orders? >> yes, you do. >> i do not. >> reese. >> i did absolutely nothing. >> the surveillance tape leaked after her apologetic interview right here on "gma." ♪ i love it.


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